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Enjoy Adrenaline-filled Fun Time with Southern Oregon Wilderness Adventures!

Do you have that youthful adventurous spirit in you? Are you searching for lucrative options to get involved in action-packed sports activities? If yes, then Southern Oregon Wilderness Adventures is here for you, perfectly fulfilling your desires for incredible, engrossing sports and adventures in raw, natural terrains. We are a local business, in Shady Cove, Southern Oregon, owned privately, dedicatedly catering to numerous adventure sports enthusiasts, in and around the region.

Instilling adventurous spirits

If you are looking for a reliable service provider that would provide your hauling services and help you to explore further the various realms of adventurous sports, then Southern Oregon Wilderness Adventures is a one-stop solution for you. You would enjoy the activities more that you can ever imagine, at ridiculously low, affordable rates. We endorse that being adventurous is not merely a hobby, but a special dimension of one’s own personal life. Our flawless services aid you to inculcate adventurous spirits in a more intensified manner, and enjoy to the fullest extent.

Areas we serve!

There are a whole bunch of localities and townships who we operate, rendering services to lots of interested and enthusiastic customers. From Grant Pass, Talent, Ashland, Phoenix to Rouge River, Medford, Gold Hill, Central Point, and Brownsboro, our services encompass lots of areas. We also service areas such as Jacksonville, Sams Valley, Table Rock, Trail, and not to mention, Shady Cove. Availing our services would let you enjoy adventure sports and rides.

Exciting sports activities and tours

We add value to your experience through great facilities. From UTV rentals to guided tours to rafting and hiking excursions, there is a plethora of choices in the wide spectrum of services that we offer our customers.  There are also fascinating snowmobile rentals that are available during the winter months. The adrenaline-packed adventures will make you want more.

Regulated and Safe

We respect the sanctity of Mother Nature while organizing the adventure activities. All tours and activities are conducted abiding by the rules and regulations as laid by the local authorities. As a responsible service provider, we value the culture and tradition of local communities, and support full-fledged prosperity of the environment, including wildlife. Safety is one of the main priorities of our services.

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